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Welcome to "BL Tantei" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Live Pastel Collection - A BL Seiyuu Live EVENT

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Welcome! [Dec. 1st, 2006|02:43 pm]
Live Pastel Collection - A BL Seiyuu Live EVENT


Welcome to the community of the BL LIVE SEIYUU EVENT, Live Pastel Collection.
The name "BL_TANTEI" comes from the mini BL skit called "BL TANTEI" held during the LPC event. ^^

This is a community dedicated to the BL Male seiyuu Live Event, Live Pastel Collection. It is NOT a Live Movie!! LPC is a BL Drama CD seiyuu event, filled with BL, for example, the seiyuu (who are all male) do a skit called BL Tantei that also includes fan service of seiyuu couplings, a reading-out-loud section where the seiyuu read BL CD scripts, and free talks.

You may post anything you wish that may concern the event OR the seiyuu that were in the event. Talking about the event includes the ranting of the free talk, drama recording, skit, etc.

This is a member's only community.
Make sure to lock all posts!

w/love, Sora
Since 11/30/2006

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